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Literary Society  ~  More than $20,000 contributed                      

When a child cannot learn to read the way we teach; we teach them to read the way they learn.    – The CDCUW Tutors 

~ Erv Smith Services                                                  ~ Garry and Sonia Hageness                      ~John Pereda                      

~ Charles White

Scholar Circle  ~  $10,000 to $19,999 contributed

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin

~ Gordy’s County Market                               ~ Roderick W. Anderson                         ~Edgar J. Verkest                                  

~ Guy and Judy Wood                                    ~Roy Hagen                                                ~ Paul Lenz                                          

~Barry Babbitt                                                  ~Steve Prewitt 

 Reader Council  ~  $1,000 to $9,999 contributed

 There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.   – Frank Serafini

~ Allan and Jane Rappoport          ~ George B. Wheeler Lodge 351         ~ Free and Accepted Masons of WISC Hancock Lodge #229

~ Mason Shoe     ~ AnnMarie Foundation, Inc.    ~ Jeff and Tamara Viergutz   ~Thrivent Financial    ~Arlyn Solberg    ~Forest Lodge #130

~ Chilson Subaru      ~ Lasker Jewelers         ~ George Money  ~ Horan Funeral Home       ~ Lewis Mallow   ~Noel Smith   ~Walmart

~Mosinee Lodge #318            ~ Eau Claire Community Foundation

 Bookworm Club  ~  Up to $999 contributed

The more you read, the more things you will know.  The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.
Dr. Seuss

  • Andy Kuske                                                                                                     
  • Amber Perry
  • A to Z Embroidery
  • Anita and Don Olds
  • 3M                                                                                                
  • Allison Kunkel                                                                              
  • Amalgamated Transit Union AFL-CIO                                
  • American Family Restaurant                                                 
  • Andy Larson                     
  • Acoustic Cafe
  • Ann and Emil Heck
  • Ardth Kelly
  • Arland Erickson
  • Armark
  • Arne Jorgensen
  • Arnold Anderson
  • Arnold Zimmerman
  • Arthur Rogers
  • Avalon
  • Awards and More
  • B95
  • Bake ‘n’ Brew Restaurant
  • Baker’s Jewelers
  • Barbara Sorebo
  • Beaver Creek Reserve
  • Benny Haas and Family
  • Beth Tillotson
  • Betty Ann Johnson
  • Beyone Components
  • Blossoms and Bows
  • Body Focus Massage
  • Bonnie Staves
  • Boyd McEwen
  • Brad and Stephanie Mueller
  • Brandon and Sara Budimlija
  • Bravo Salon
  • Brenda Marlow
  • Brent Douglas Floral
  • Bruce Trimble
  • Bubbles Barbeque
  • Bud Brommer
  • Buffalo River Lodge 252
  • Burt Hamm
  • Cammile’s Café
  • Cara Skaife and Family
  • Carl and Lorraine Schluter
  • Carl Higgins
  • Carl Mickelson
  • Carla and Darrel Potts
  • Carlos Palas
  • Carolyn and John Kinville
  • Carpenter Local Union #1074
  • Cassie Limbeck
  • Cathy Haasl
  • Charles Van Heest
  • Charles Weber
  • Charles White
  • Charlie Brantner
  • Charter Media
  • Chippewa Falls Parks and Rec
  • Chippewa Family Restaurant
  • Chippewa Springs
  • Chippewa Valley Family YMCA
  • Chippewa Valley Music Festivals
  • Christopher Armstrong
  • Christopher Petersen
  • Christopher Vig
  • Chuck and Betty Knudsen
  • Cindy Feuerhelm and Family
  • Citizens Community Federal
  • Clear Channel Radio
  • Cocoa Cabana Tanning Salon
  • Colfax FFA Alumni
  • Connell’s Supper Club
  • Corrine Donahue
  • Country Jam
  • Craig Butler
  • Craig Carlson
  • Curt Yarrington
  • Cutting Edge Salon
  • Dairy Queen
  • Dale and Mavis Babbitt
  • Dale Holmen
  • Dan Jesky
  • Dan Standiford
  • Daniel Sherry
  • Dan’s Moped
  • Darcy and Vicki Fields
  • Darrell Aderman and Family
  • David and Lonnie Everson
  • David Bergerson
  • David Bretting
  • David Frogner
  • David Hillman
  • David Larson
  • David Miller
  • David Myers and Family
  • David Perko
  • David Renly
  • David Rezin
  • David Stewart
  • Dawn and Keith Zenner
  • Days Escape
  • Daniel and Jean Binczak
  • Dean and Sue Babbitt
  • Debra Calhoun
  • Dennis And Allyson Barka
  • Dennis Donath
  • Diane and Gary Barneson
  • Diane and Jim Meyers
  • Dick and Bernie Moore
  • Dicky’s Barbeque
  • Dolores Waltz
  • Don and Bev Weber
  • Don Babbitt
  • Don Harper
  • Don Jagusch
  • Don and Colleen Schwartz
  • Donald and Jeanette Diedeman
  • Donald Hageness
  • Donald Monski
  • Donald Wilcox
  • Dorothy Sokip
  • Dottie Carpenter
  • Douglas and Loretta Lundholm
  • Douglas Hoffman
  • Duane and Mary Seminson
  • Duane Badman
  • Eau Claire Children’s Museum
  • Eau Claire Children’s Theater
  • Eau Claire Community Foundation
  • Eau Claire Consistory AASR
  • Eau Claire Golden K Kiwanis
  • Eau Claire Lodge 112
  • Eau Claire Masonic Board of Trustees
  • Eau Claire Parks and Recreation
  • Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club
  • Edgar Verkest
  • Edward and Melonie Accola
  • Edward Mahlum
  • Elaine Todahl
  • Eldre Boggs
  • Elisabeth Barnes
  • Ellsworth Order of the Eastern Star #116
  • Ellsworth Middle School
  • Eric Thoe
  • Eric’s Diamonds
  • Everett and Diane Tillung
  • Everett Blakeley Sr
  • Evergreen Funeral Home
  • Fall Creek Chriopractic, Inc.
  • Family Literacy
  • Fazoli’s
  • Fox TV
  • Francis and Miriam Carr
  • Frank and Wendy Struble
  • Frank Babbitt
  • Frank During
  • Frank Laundrie
  • Franz Wiggert
  • Fred Roycraft
  • Fuller Spreckien Funeral Home
  • G & K Services
  • Galen Fox
  • Gary Gray
  • Gary and Nancy Stang
  • Gary Tourville
  • General Beer
  • George Jevne
  • Gerald Rosen
  • Gerald Thurs
  • Geri Sluga
  • GFWC Eagle Point Women’s Club
  • Gilbert Brandrup
  • Gladys Pickering
  • Glass Garden Designs
  • Glenn Haukeness
  • Global Finishing Solutions
  • Gordon and Julie Dedrickson
  • Grand Lodge
  • Green Bay Packer’s Foundation
  • Greenes
  • Greg and Suellen Hageness
  • Hageness Law Office
  • Hallie Golf Course
  • Harmer Flooring
  • Harold and Ione Freid
  • Harold Jones
  • Harold Parker
  • Haukeness Financial Services LLC
  • Heidi and Rod Olson
  • Henry Gleason
  • Henry Java
  • Herman Freiss
  • Immaculate Conception School
  • Interstate
  • Irene Lewis
  • Irene Olds
  • ITW Engineered Fastners
  • Jack and Carol Bartingale
  • Jack Ewing
  • Jack Hillman
  • Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
  • James Bolin
  • James Carlson
  • James Epp
  • James Foss
  • James Hager
  • James Kenall
  • James Myers
  • James Severson
  • Jane and Ali Straingstalien
  • Jane Webb
  • Janice Bethhauser
  • Janice Thompson
  • Jason Tidd
  • Jean Kleven
  • Jeanne Berge and Bill Sparks
  • Jeanne Grambo
  • Jeanne Szepieniec
  • Jeff and Pam Frederick
  • Jeffrey Bryden
  • Jeffrey Taylor
  • Jennifer and Dale Taylor
  • Jennifer and Robert Binczak
  • Jennifer Larrabee
  • Jeremy Caylor
  • Jerold and Janet Horswill
  • Jerome Martinek
  • Jessica Erickson
  • Jim Lemay
  • Jim Parent
  • Jim Trowbridge
  • Joan and Thomas Schwartz
  • Joan Raasch
  • Jodi Otto
  • Jodie and Doug Peterson
  • Jodie and Paul Scheidecker and Family
  • Joe Semingson
  • John and Jane Grinde
  • John and Jeannine Spielman
  • John and Saretta Schrock
  • John Bowman
  • John Englund
  • John Ganske
  • John Hein
  • John Pereda
  • John Senty
  • John Snider
  • John Stelter
  • John Swanson
  • John Van Hollen
  • John and Judith Steinke
  • Jon Hageness
  • Judith Berg
  • Judith Spagnoletti
  • Judy and Corky Kneer
  • Julie Bartella
  • Karen Mace
  • Karen Wright
  • Kari Jorgensen
  • Kari Noltner
  • Karol Hommen
  • Keith and Audrey Creuziger
  • Kelly and Jim Sutter
  • Kelly Beede
  • Ken Pelo
  • Kenneth Dix
  • Kenneth Gale
  • Kenneth Rue
  • Kevin Midthun
  • Kevyn Eisenman
  • Kramschuster Family Trust
  • Kris and Mike Horan
  • Kris Sosalla
  • Kris Verbracken
  • Kristo Orthodontic
  • Kulic Contracting
  • Kurt Carlson
  • Kwik Trip
  • Kyle Whitesal
  • LaBella Massage
  • Lance and Lisa Papke
  • Larry Ganske
  • Larry Heese
  • Lasker Jewelers
  • Laurel Humphrey
  • Lavonne and Loren Nelson
  • Leah Motschenbacher
  • Leland Christenson
  • Lenmark Funeral & Cremation Services
  • Les and Carol Paulson
  • Leslie Hertz
  • Libby and Michael Wallace
  • Lloyd and Florence Shepherd
  • Lloyd Fredrickson
  • Lodge 164
  • Lois Ganske
  • Lorraine Squires
  • Louis and Janet Frase
  • Lowell Larson
  • Lyle Koerner
  • Lyle Thompson
  • Mabel Tainter Theater
    Marcia Movrich
  • Marilyn Russo
    Mark Charbonneau
    Mark Mayry
    Mark Phillips
    Marko Zelich
    Markquart Motors
    Marlin and Lois Mueller
    Marlo Orth
    Marshfield Lodge 224
  • Martin and Kathleen Burkhardt
  • Martin and Joyce Zernicke
    Marvin Missman
    Matt and Melissa Nelson
    Matt Lokken
    Mayo Foundation
    May’s Floral
    McDonaugh Manufacture
    Meggan Munden
    Melvin Natti
    Merlin and Joyce Huhn
    Merlin Isaacson
    Michael Johansen
    Michael Sutor
    Michaelle James
    Michelle and David Bailey
    Micon Cinemas
    Midwest Digital Marketing
    Midwest Family Broadcasting
    Mike and Heidi Weber
    Mike and Linda Wenaas
    Milan Mueller
    Milwaukee Burger Company
    Minnesota Wild
    Mouldy’s Archery and Tackle
    Mount Olympus
    Muldoon’s Mens
    Neil and Lynda Hanson
    Nevin Flooring
    Nils Lund
    Norman Berg
    Norman Hahn
    Norman Mrdutt
    North American Fly, LTD
    Northwestern Bank
    NTF Enterprises
    Nyhus Chiropractic
    Olson’s Ice Cream
    Onalaska Masonic Lodge 214
    Optimum Therapies
    Orvin Knudtson
    Patricia Cigan
    Patti Aussman
  • Paul and Gay Gilbertson
    Paul Lenz
    Paul Lokken
  • Pauline Mayer
    Paw Prints
    Pete Figamiller
    Phillips Properties Inc.
    Photo Card Specialists
    Pinehurst Hardware
    Pizza Hut
    Plaza Hotel
    Priscilla Higley
    Pro Irrigation
    Rainmaster Lawn Systems
    Ralph and Ann Kisor
    Ramada Inn
    Randall Budimlija
    Randall Sluga
    Randy and Deb Ellifson
    Randy’s Restaurant
    Raylan Fober
    Red Wing Shoes
  • Regis Catholic Schools
    Reynolds Urethane Recycling, INC.
    Richard and Rosemary Mitchell
    Richard and Vangie Fox
    Ricahrd Indermuehle
    Richard Larson
    Richard Stockness
    Richard Swan
    Rick and Beck Roginski
    Rick Klopp
    Robert and Debby Dawson
    Robert and Lois Krauser
    Robert Beck
    Robert Bullock
    Robert Durall
    Robert Fraser
    Robert Hageness
    Robert Nelson
    Robert Rassmussen
    Robert Schneider
    Robert Sloan
    Robert Taylor
    Robin Martelli
    Roderick Anderson
    Rodney Rommel
    Roger Bischoff
  • Roger Buckaloo
    Roger Hancock
    Roger Lee
  • Roger Nitzsche
    Roger Swett
    Ronald Myhers
    Ronald Woodruff
    Roy Hagen
    Royal Credit Union
    Rune Ruud
    Russ and Barb Tischendorf
    Russell Dunnum
    Sally and Dean Davis-Nitz
    Sam Opresik
    Sam’s Club
    Samuel Retallick
    Sanctuary Lodge #347
    Scott Brainard
    Scott Smith
    Scott Thomson
    Security Financial Bank
    Sharon Olsen
    Sharon Risberg
    Sheila Thoe
    Shirley Brown
    Sleep Inn
    Snap Fitness
    Sofanor Crooks
    Sonny and Diane Davidson
    Splish Splash Car Wash
    St. John’s Lutheran Church
    Stephen and Judy Stewart
    Stephen Britton
    Sterling Standiford
    Steve and Kathy Schocht
    Steve and Linda Babbitt
    Steve and Charmaine Prewitt
    Steven Brown
  • Steve and Christina Gipson
    Steve Kopp
    Steven Lasure
    Steven Mickelson
  • Steven and Mary Peterson
    Stokes, Prock and Mundt Funeral
    Studio 22
    Sue Babbitt
    Sunrise Exchange Club of Eau Claire
    Susan Johnson
    Susan Pickett
    Susan Sutor
    Suzanne Kent
    Tammy and Scott Tillotson
    Teresa Madlon
    Terry Loper
    Texas Roadhouse
  • Theodore and Margaret Lyons
    The Grooming Hut
    The Insurance Center
    The National Christian Foundation
  • Theodore Joas
    Thomas Driscoll
    Thomas Mallery
    Thomas Quigley
    Thomas Rondeau
    Tice Appraisals
    Tim and  Karen Hirsch
    Todd Berg
    Todd Wohlert
    Tractor Central Koebel
    Transman Inc.
    Trend Setters
    United Bank
    UW Eau Claire Dining Services
    Verle and Jean Tworek
    Vicki’s Frame and Floral
    Victoria Adkins
    Vinopal Title and Abstract
    Volume One
    Wade Asher
    Wayne and Laurie Nelson
    Wayne Anderson
    Wayne Franson and Family
    Wayne Hendrick
  • Wayne and Paula Tracy
    Wayne Tubbs
    WEAU TV 13
    Wesley Denny
    Western Wisconsin Health Information Management Association
    Whitetail Golf Course
    Wildwood Farms
    Willard and Dianne Eddy
    Willard Young
  • William and Lisbeth Abell
    William Halgren
    William Mathe
    Willy Wendler
    Willy White
    Winkley Orthotics & Prosthetics
    Wisconsin Associate of School District Administrators, Inc.
    Wisconsin Rapids Masonic Lodge #128
    Xcel Energy
    YMCA – Eau Claire
    Zanzibar Restaurant
    Dan Jordahl – Zoe Radio   

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