Meet our Tutors

Tutors at the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Upper Wisconsin are an amazing, dedicated, and highly qualified group of people who have a passion for helping kiddos learn to read!

All Certified Tutors have completed a minimum of 50 hours of coursework and more than 100 hours of practicum training where they perfected their skills through observations, supervision, and practice!  The Center begins a new Tutor Training course once a year, typically in the late spring/early summer.  It is never to early to apply for the training as there are limited positions available.  To learn more about becoming a tutor Click Here!

Certified Tutors

Anita Olds                 Lauri Gullotta               Becky Hanestad            Tami Koxlien                  Kelly DeWolf             Amelia Spielman           Nancy Stang                 Vicki Fields                 Danielle Snyder           Joan Schwartz           Tammy Tillotson          Margaret Brunn             Jennifer Taylor             Allie Coen                 Leigh Dobberstein                Tammy Tillotson

Tutors-in-Traing     Teddi Martin          Ellen Stabenow           Lesley VanZee       Juli Baker              Jolene Brost             Amanda Jiskra         Todd Meyer         Tammy Sauk      Erika Galewski    Kelly Schroeder


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